with Eloïse Bonneviot and Anne de Boer
20 July 2024, 3 p.m.

Part of the exhibition All of the Critters by Eloïse Bonneviot and Anne de Boer.

Location: NeuLand, Koblenzer Str. 13, 50968 Köln
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Max. 15 people
We are happy to receive a contribution of 3-5 euros.

About the game
All of the Critters is a role-playing game designed for the NeuLand Community Garden. No prior experience is required to play. Participants take on the roles of organisms that live in, visit, or otherwise interact with the garden.
Each player is given a project to complete. To complete the project, participants move through the garden in search of tokens. All collected game cards and solved tasks can be added to a virtual model of NeuLand and then activated. However, one person's ideal habitat may be quite the opposite for another.


Brigita Elena Kudarauskaitė

Funding and support:
All of the Critters is funded by the Postcode Lottostiftung, Institut français and the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne. The project is part of Islands of Kinship, co-financed by the European Union. Thanks to the team of NeuLand for the kind collaboration.