Guillaume Désanges
30 November 2013


Lecture Performance im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Impossible Show"

"Let’s attempt a history of the body in art as a history of silence as opposed to discourse about art. Let’s simply show how the history - of art - has, at a certain moment - and for some people - engendered gestures and not objects. And certainly not discourse... Looked at this way, in a purely formal fashion, the history of performance, or of body art, is not then a history of the representation of the body but exclusively a history of gesture. Barely sketched, already expired." (Guillaume Désanges).

"A history of performance in 20 minutes" is a conference which aims at dividing the history of performance in 10 gestures: 1 - Appearing, 2 - Receiving, 3 - Holding back, 4 - Escaping, 5 - Aiming, 6 - Falling, 7 - Crying, 8 - Biting, 9 - Emptying oneself, 10 - Disappearing, discussing very subjectively those 10 gestures.

Guillaume Désanges ist Kurator und Kunstkritiker, Gründer und Leiter von "Work Method", einer Initiative für künstlerische Projekte in Paris. Er organisiert internationale Ausstellungsprojekte und Vorträge.


Guillaume Désanges: A history of performance in 20 minutes, 2013
Foto: Hartwig Schwarz