Sa 9 April 2022


We invite you to join the workshop in ‘gonzo curating’ – an inventive form of curating/exhibition making to challenge art institutions and established exhibition formats!

Saturday 9 April 2022 11.00-14.30 with optional session on Wednesday 27.04.2022 17.00-20.30
Where: Online
For whom: artists, curators, authors and others interested in gonzo approach to curating
By whom: Aneta Rostkowska and Jakub Woynarowski
Working language: English
Application Deadline: 3. April 2022

The workshop is organized in the context of two ‘gonzo’ exhibitions which will take place in PLATFORM Munich (June/July 2022) and the CCA Temporary Gallery in Cologne respectively.

The workshop is based on the idea of 'gonzo curating' – a creative practice conceived as a process of appropriation of objects by means of constructing semi-fictional narratives presented in the form of performative lectures and guided tours. Using virtual institutions of art, semi-fictional artists and almost-existent exhibitions, gonzo curating is an independent, rebellious and performative artistic and curatorial practice, an inventive form of challenging art institutions and established exhibition formats. Inspired by Hunter Thompson’s highly subjective but politically relevant and playful gonzo journalism, gonzo curating is an attempt to reconceive curatorial practice in the times of ecological, economic and political crisis.

During the workshop an imaginary exhibition will be created involving the Zoom spaces of workshop participants together with objects and people temporarily present within them. Additionally, for participants based in Munich, there will be an opportunity to create a performative gonzo intervention related to the building of PLATFORM during the opening of the gonzo exhibition on 22.06.2022. For the participation we invite artists, curators, writers and anyone that enjoys different forms of imaginative storytelling.

Gonzo Curating Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com/Gonzo-Curating-653800928010270

If you would like to take part, please send an email to:
until 3. April 2022.

Please include a short description of yourself and your motivation for the workshop. You will receive a confirmation of your participation until 6. April 2022. A short reading list will be available for all that registered.

Co-organized with PLATFORM München and the Educational Department of the Centre for Contemporary Art Wawel Castle.

Centre for Contemporary Art Wawel Castle is an art institution in Kraków parasitizing on Wawel Royal Castle. The Castle is one of the most historically and culturally important sites in Poland, a residence of the kings and the symbol of Polish statehood. As a very conservative, catholic, ideologically monolithic museum it almost never allows any contemporary art into its spaces. Challenging that fact CCA Wawel Castle invites artists to claim authorship over selected elements of the Castle and appropriate them through narratives, storytelling and (anti-)documentation (=gonzo curating). An imaginary “collection” of artworks challenges the symbolic inaccessibility of place and temporarily restores the balance of power.

Jakub Woynarowski is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, where he currently teaches at the Narrative Drawing Studio and conducts a seminar on visual culture. He combines the activity of an artist, designer and independent curator. As an author of graphic novels and art books he investigates the feasibility of applying various forms of visual narration as instruments of theoretical reflection. Interested in the “archaeology of the avant-garde,” he is pointing out similarities between ancient artworks and modern art. He takes up themes associated with post secularism, post-humanism, institutional criticism and gonzo curating. In 2014 he collaborated with the Institute of Architecture as author of the artistic concept of the Polish Pavilion at the 14th Biennale of Architecture in Venice. He presented his works in Fondazione Memmo in Rome, MeetFactory in Prague and Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw among others. He lives and works in Cracow, Poland.

A project by and in cooperation with: PLATFORM München