Artist Talk
Tue 6 June, 5:30—8 p.m.


Place: Temporary Gallery
Language: German/ English

During the last week of the exhibition, the assembly What could/ should art do? brings together artists, representatives of environmental organizations and the climate movement as well as researchers and scientists of Hydrology and the Environmental Humanities.

The works Phalaq Mayukuna [Flying Rivers] (2023) by Felipe Castelblanco and Power Perspectives (2022) by Clara Kulemeyer, which are on view in the exhibition Vibrant Waters, were developed in close collaboration with activists and communities and address life and resistance in the water territories in Colombia and lithium mining areas in the Puna Desert in Argentina.

Felipe Castelblanco and Clara Kulemeyer will present their projects followed by an exchange on art, activism, ethics of production, distribution and reciprocity, moderated by Nada Rosa Schroer.

Clara Kulemeyer: Power Perspective, Video Still