If you have any needs, suggestions for improvement and information about barriers, please contact:


In 2022-2024 is the CCA Temporary Gallery part of the Islands of Kinship project.

The Islands of Kinship project connects and changes the practical functioning of six medium-sized visual art institutions in different regions of Europe: Prague, Bratislava, Bitola/Skopje, Cologne, Helsinki and Riga. Together we deal with inclusion, alternative forms of kinship and new ways of being together, democratic exchange and ethics and look for practical solutions for an environmentally friendly, collaborative cultural institution.

In this context, we would like to position ourselves for a more diverse audience and create access. On the one hand, barriers (spatial and linguistic) should be broken down, and on the other hand, new communities should be actively addressed and integrated. The Temporary Gallery is aware that it is not and cannot become a barrier-free place. Nevertheless, we would like to increasingly break down barriers and be more inclusive and less or not exclusively academic on a content level. We welcome suggestions for improvement.

Accessibility of the exhibition rooms:
In principle, the art space is barrier-free: there are no steps except for one plateau, and all doors can be passed through in a wheelchair. There are disabled parking spaces… Unfortunately, there is no step-free/disabled-accessible toilet available.
The exhibitions and events are free.

Orientation for blind people and people with visual impairments:
The Temporary Gallery does not have a guidance system. We recommend coming with someone. Guide dogs are allowed.

Offers for people with learning difficulties:
For people with learning difficulties, we offer introductory texts in simple language in the exhibition space. The aim of simple language is to be very understandable and to follow a clear set of rules.

A large part of the program is conducted in collaboration with international artists and therefore takes place in English. We are increasingly trying to integrate local positions and also offer events in German. In general, the program deals with philosophical and social questions, but the approach is to pursue these on a small scale and to convey them in an understandable way.