Riccardo Paratore & Oliver Tepel
26 July - 4 August 2013


Action and presentation to the exhibition "In the House of Mr & Mrs X"

Riccardo Paratore, "Don’t talk to the driver". A taxi passes through the streets of Cologne, again and again, six minutes and five seconds, the exact length of time of Rolf Dieter Brinkmann’s spoken diary entry: "Cologne. Monday, 14th of May 1973". Place of departure and arrival for this temporal and spatial loop is the Temporary Gallery in Cologne. Paratore’s apodictic instruction to the passenger "Don’t talk to the driver" is the prohibition to talk and the imperative to listen. He chooses the taxi as both a time capsule, gliding through urban spaces, and as an alternative stage for the recording. Brinkmann (Vechta, Germany 1940-1975, London) was a German writer and lyricist, his Cologne residence was only a few streets away. Riccardo Paratore (born 1990) is artist and lives and works in Dusseldorf.

Oliver Tepel, "Diskussion". Over five years ago I published a text in Spex, issue 316. It was about an emergent trend, some talked about ’all those triangles others referred to ’aestheticising formalism. The text didn’t really know where to, partly annoyed with the stylish nothingness of this contemporary art, but at the same time happy about the dissolution of diverse myths of great significances. Now I want to let other works discuss with the text, works that rely less on literalness.


1 — Riccardo Paratore and Oliver Tepel: A Sense of Belonging, 2013
Courtesy the artists
2-3 — Riccardo Paratore: Don't talk to the driver, 2013
Photo: Hartwig Schwarz
4-5 — Oliver Tepel: Diskussion, 2013
Photo: Simon Vogel