Hans Op de Beeck
9 March 2017


Artist talk and book launch with Fritz Emslander. An event by the Museum Morsboich, Leverkusen, in cooperation with Temporary Gallery

"I'm not interested in simulating reality, otherwise I would probably have gone into film, as a set designer. I would like to interpret the world by creating fictional settings where we can perceive the echo of reality." (Hans Op de Beeck)

The Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck (born in Turnhout in 1969, lives in Brussels) works with almost all available artistic media. Be it for his sculptures or expansive installations, his large-format watercolours or videos and animated films, he avails masterfully of the staging strategies of theatre, film and architecture so as to create atmospherically dense, dream-like images that always seem familiar and yet alien. In the very special atmosphere of the Baroque moated castle in Morsbroich, Op de Beeck is presenting a broad selection of his works of the past twelve years. He has created a series of open stages which the viewer can enter - partly on foot, but always in his mind - and be transported into a world where reality and fiction become superimposed and where time seems to stand still: "The Silent Castle". Hans Op de Beeck talks about his work and his ideas for the scenography of his current exhibition in Museum Morsbroich. Together with Fritz Emslander, curator of the show, he will present the book "The Silent Castle", published by Verlag für moderne Kunst.


Hans Op de Beeck: Entrance, 2006. Exhibition view Sammlung Goetz Munich
Courtesy by the artist