Steven Bode and Regina Barunke
29 September 2014


Production talk and screenings as part of the exhibition "Ben Rivers: Fable"

In this talk and screening, Film and Video Umbrella director Steven Bode will take us below the surface of "Things", Ben Rivers’ new film. The film was originally commissioned for the Film and Video Umbrella online project, "Stay Where You Are". That project, spanning the course of a year, asked artists and writers - known for their wide-ranging travels across the surface of the planet or through the realm of the imagination - to focus instead on one place, to reflect on what is near-at-hand, and celebrate the virtues and pleasures of the small-scale and the local. As that project nears its end, Steven Bode will present highlights from the various commissions (which as well as Rivers, included contributions from artist-composer Jem Finer, poet Lavinia Greenlaw, and essayist Jay Griffiths). He will also introduce and show extracts of other examples of earlier films by Ben Rivers.

Set up in 1988 in London, "Film and Video Umbrella" (fvu) commissions, curates, produces and presents artists’ moving-image works that are staged in collaboration with galleries and other cultural partners across the UK."Things" was awarded at the IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam with the "Winner Tiger Award for Short Films 2015".


Ben Rivers: Things, 2014
Courtesy by the artist and Kate MacGarry