Ani Schulze and Anna Lena Seiser: Circled with Glowing Eyes
9 February 2019


An event as part of the exhibition "Köln um halb acht"

"Even the very start of this period is characterized historically by a significant rise in the activity of the masses over the preceding period. There is no unity among the masses; parties and groups are only beginning to assemble themselves for the period of minimal excitability. The power of suggestion returns to the masses: statesmen, warriors, orators, the press- all recuperate their influence." (Alexander Chizhevsky, "The World-Historical Cycles", from The Earth in the Sun’s Embrace, 1922)

In her visual lecture „Circled with Glowing Eyes“ Ani Schulze creates interweaving narrative fragments using found footage and self-made video material about helpless observers, solar cycles and a language disengaged from the human body. Afterwards, she will discuss her artistic approach and her latest works with the curator Anna Lena Seiser.

Ani Schulze, born 1982 in Frankenberg, is an artist and lives in Cologne. In her installations, videos or drawings, she creates an imagery in which stories and histories are not narrated in a conventional way but rather orbited with dreamlike images. A major focus is the reciprocal relation of bodies, space and digital technologies.

Anna Lena Seiser is a media and cultural scientist. As a curator of Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, she realised various solo exhibitions, including with Simon Fujiwara, Christine Moldrickx, Tim Löhde, Alexander Pascal Forré and Damaris Kerkhoff. In 2018, together with Jasmina Merz she curated the international group exhibition „Welcome to the Jungle“ dealing with the search for orientation against the background of ecological and social crises.


1 — Ani Schulze: Circled with Glowing Eyes, 2019