Production Talk 3: Produced by Artangel

Susan Philipsz: Surround Me, 2010
18 May 2012


Talk and Screening with Susan Philipsz, Berlin, Rob Bowman, Artangel, London, and Frank Bode, Deichtorhallen Hamburg. Moderated by Regina Barunke, Die Kunstproduzenten

For the sound installation "Surround Me", Turner-Prize winner Susan Philipsz arranged speakers around the Bank of England, all of them issuing the sound of instrumentals and her own voice singing 16th- and 17th-century ballads. The project is a collaboration with the London art producers Artangel, an organization that has enabled the realization of spectacular works by international artists since the 1990s. The talk will give an insight into issues regarding the production and presentation of sound art.
Funding and Support
SK Stiftung Kultur, Cologne
Susan Philipsz: Surround Me, 2010