With Brigitte Dunkel
Wed 8 May, 4—7 p.m.


The construction of a (tailor's) dummy from wet-glued paper strips can convey in many ways the extent to which a (human) body sets conditions for how a garment or a wearable, textile object can be structured. In the workshop, the handcrafted creation of a (tailor's) doll is realized in a joint production process. The "DOLLS" workshop deals with two essential aspects in the context of developing (wearable) garments: 1. How the COMPLETE appearance of a garment is created? 2. How can a garment be adequately presented as an object?

Registration at
Maximum number of participants: 10 (2 x 5) plus 2 models
Participation fee: 20 Euro
Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours
Language: German and English

Please wear comfortable, not too warm clothes and shoes! Please bring a hair dryer!

For the workshop we are looking for 2 volunteer models who are willing to be wrapped. They will wear only their own underwear for the workshop and a turtleneck and cycling shorts or briefs with some leg, which they will be "cut out" of once they have been wrapped. You will stand for at least 2 hours for the duration of the workshop.



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