Blue Binding Ribbon
Sat 1 June 2024, 3—6 p.m.


Finissage of the exhibition Blue Binding Ribbon

Curated by Lisa Klosterkötter and Aneta Rostkowska, exhibition design by Jakob Engel

Performative intervention and collective handwork in the exhibition space with Working Textiles (Alissa Ritter, Karla Kleinschmidt, Marie Schubert, Sofia Magdits Espinoza), Brigitte Dunkel, Stephan Idé, Nora Hansen, Nie Pastille, Sarah Ferreira dos Santos, Maria Renée Morales Garcia and Lisa Klosterkötter.

After weeks of joint work, workshops and exchange, we invite you to our final event in the Temporary Gallery!

With texts, music, tea time snacks and a collective stitching session.

Blue Binding Ribbon, 2024, Photo: Lisa Klosterkötter