Identifying and collecting edible plants and fungi
Sun 4 September 2022, 11 a.m.—3 p.m.


Location: NeuLand
Language: English (German translation will be provided)
Free admission
Participation is limited, register by 03.09.2022 at:

The workshop is part of the program „Instituting in Circles: Ecological approaches in art and art institutions” curated by Nada Rosa Schroer.

Foraging, or searching for edible plants, mushrooms, and herbs, is a vernacular method of exploring the environment and providing for your next meal without stepping foot in the supermarket. Edibles often grow where you least expect them, on the edges of urban farmland, wastelands, or in grassy strips. In its broadest sense, the practice can be understood as a search for stories and experiences, for unexpected tastes and hidden healing powers. Foraging is also an act of resistance to the uniformity of controlled green spaces and to the forgetting of plant knowledge, as well as a celebration of the gifts of the plant world.

Together with The Mycological Twist (Eloïse Bonneviot & Anne de Boer), we will go foraging for mushrooms and edible plants in and around the NeuLand community garden, sharing plant knowledge and stories and learning about the ecology of the environment. We will share the harvest at a picnic at the end of the event.

The Mycological Twist is a project by Berlin-based artists Eloïse Bonneviot and Anne de Boer. They take mycology as a source of inspiration to engage with ecological and social practices. Their interests range from various fungal bodies to decaying matter deep underground. DIY methods are here interwoven with digital cultures to construct utopias for alternative ways of living. The Mycological Twist began in London in 2014. Since then they have been developing a program of lectures, camping sessions, performances and works by other artists.

The Mycological Twist, Courtesy: the artists