Culinary workshop
with Dagna Jakubowska
Sat 2 September, 4—7 p.m.


Language: English
Number of participants: max 15
Registrations under info@temporarygallery.org until Wednesday 30 September

In times of rapid climate change, conflicts, migration, instability of crops and related food shortages, we would like to invite you to a meeting and culinary workshop, a part of the "Future Bread" project.

The project involves ongoing research and culinary experiments, during which — sometimes together with other researchers and chefs — we imagine what our menu will look like in the near and distant future. And together we try to design food solutions in the face of climate crisis.

During the workshop, we will follow the recipes, each of which will not only turn into a dish, but will also serve to reflect on the future of our planet, and thus — on our food choices, which both shape the world and respond to changes. The menu — through the selection of specific species, ingredients and dishes — will be based on various future scenarios. We focus primarily on imaginative speculations about what the food of the future will look like, between utopian hope and possible apocalypse.

In "Future Bread", the recipes are not only a specific record of food preparation, but also a forecast, a warning, a fantasy, a survival strategy and a practical attempt to create prototypes of the food of the future. Dishes will be made of ingredients that — we suppose — will be part of our menu in different future scenarios — e.g. alternative grains and wild invasive plants, which the artist calls 'resistance plants' in times of crisis. While preparing the dishes, we will talk about the future of food, its properties and importance of the proposed menu ingredients.

Dagna Jakubowska is a visual artist, producer, entrepreneur and author of critical culinary actions. Her artistic practice develops at the intersection of art, performance, research and social activity, investigating interspecies relationships, the politics of food, food—related processes, and the politics of everyday life. Through her practice, she poses the question of how artistic strategies can contribute to the reflection on issues related to interspecies relations, migration, the political dimension of gastronomy, the visibility of domestic work and the recognition of the domestic sphere as a space of labour. She shows that our menus are defined by the most important issues of the contemporary world, and that the kitchen has always been a political, innovative, subversive and performative space. Her projects include: “Future Bread”, “Our Daily Bread. Harvest of the Future”, “Weeds. Edible Map of Migration”, “Kitchen Summit”. She is the founder of the social enterprise „The Ferment Traveling Kitchen“ in which a collective of women from Chechnya, the Congo, Rwanda, Syria, the Ukraine, Brazil and Poland celebrated diverse culinary heritage through thematic dinners, cooking workshops and catering. In Warsaw, she recently founded an alternative art institution, House of Culture „Ferment“.



Dagna Jakubowska, 2023