Photo Field Trip to the Rhine River
Fri+Sat 2+3 June, 10 a.m.—5 p.m.


Meeting point: Temporary Gallery
Language: English

Registration until 31. May at ns@temporarygallery.org

With Olga Roszkowska (artist and former lecturer at the Academy of Arts in The Hague/ Photography & Society

In constant flux, the Rhine is shaped by life on its banks: by its close proximity to the city, its fluvial ecosystem, and by the industrial and port facilities that use it as a traffic route and drain. The infrastructures of industrial use extend over vast areas, but often remain invisible. How can we sensually trace the unequal exchange between water bodies and industrial sites with our cameras and bodies?

Following a hydrofeminist approach, the workshop takes the meanings and movements of water as a starting point to relate embodied experience and visual practices. Through the workshop, we will explore photography as a medium that empathically allows us to reveal the knowledge stored in water bodies.

The two-day workshop is designed as a field research - not only to experience the infrastructure in question, but also to find out how we can develop a new way of seeing to approach entanglements and contaminations. In doing so, we will experiment with different modes of observation and somatic exercises to explore non-extractivist ways of photographing.

Day 1: introduction, exercises, visit of the Ecological Rhine Station University of Cologne, photographic field research at Godorfer Hafen and along the Sürther Aue.
Day 2: photographic field research, exchange and final presentation

Olga Roszkowska: The Entangled Landscape seminar, KABK, 2021