with Carla Donauer
3 December 2018


Series of conversations with curators and guests in and around of Cologne about currents projects and questions towards contemporary art

hospitality is hospitable
hospitality is a/many moment/s
hospitality is walls and floors
hospitality invites people for leisure
hospitality is a project
hospitality shares
hospitality adresses the daily in things
hospitality does focus on the re-evaluation of meanings
hospitality is more than one place
hospitality was founded in Cologne in 2015

Since 2015, Carla Donauer curates exhibitions in her apartment in Ehrenfeld, Cologne. Every room, and recently also the attic of the house, can be used for new or existing works of art. Her project „Hospitality“ doesn’t follow a regular cycle. Instead, it is conceived as a private project being organised with no budget whatsoever. In her talk, Carla Donauer will give insight into the project and curating between private and public space.

Carla Donauer is an art historian, freelance curator and writer living in Cologne. In 2013, she was interim director of Neuer Aachener Kunstverein and 2014-15, she was curator of Kölnischer Kunstverein. From 19 October until 4 November, “Hospitality” shows the exhibitions “Knot and Wildfire” by Kasper Bosmans and “Something about flowers” by Lee Kit.

Funding and Support

Cultural Office of the City of Cologne


Carla Donauer with Kenneth Bergfeld in his exhibition at Hospitality, Cologne, 2018, Photo: Hospitality, 2018