with Setting and Cinematography - From Documentation to Image Production
22 February 2016


Series of conversations with curators and guests in and around of Cologne about currents projects and questions towards contemporary art

Q: You create virtual exhibitions that are presented online on your website. The depicted works become part of a scenic, filmic display. What role does this from of image production play for your curatorial work?

A: Exhibitions conceived outside the white cube very often ignore the distinct setting of their presentation. They end up as (often poorly done) online documentations. However, concerns about the choice of a setting and the bodily experience of an exhibition, that can only be simulated online via camera work and image section, are crucial aspects for our (online) exhibitions. With "New Scenario" we are trying to redefine methods of the presentation of art in the light of changed digital conditions and thus offering an alternative to standardised curatorial formats. For every exhibition we closely work together with a varying team of artists, writers, photographers, musicians, and programmers. In the talk we will discuss the shift from documentation to image production, our favourite movies, and how important it is to overcome one's own taste.

"New Scenario" is a dynamic virtual platform for conceptual, time-based and performative exhibition formats by the Berlin based artists Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig. Their first exhibition "C R A S H", 2015, took place in the dystopian interior of a stretch-limo; currently they are working on "BODY HOLES", an exhibition series inside human body openings.

Funding and Support

Cultural Office of the City of Cologne

Images C R A S H, 2015