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Curated by Paloma Nana and Paulina Seyfried
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1. Workshop on Critical Whiteness and Privileges with Rafia Shahnaz
Wed, 18 October 5—8:30 p.m.

Online workshop
Language: English
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For whom: Anyone interested in learning about the systematic internalisation of whiteness within us. NOTE: If you identify as a person who experiences racism, then please mention it upon registration. We will organize a short empowerment space for you prior to the workshop. Thank you!

Description: This workshop offers an introduction to the discussion of racism and whiteness. It provides a space to reflect on your position as a white person in racist systems and what privileges are associated with it. The aim is to understand whiteness in an interactive way, to question systems of power and to open up to a critical approach to racism. This workshop will take a special focus on "language" as an instrument for reproducing white systems as well as on the strategies that we can develop to deconstruct this reproduction. How can we use language to include and expand the spectrum of life realities that function outside of a "white" mindset? The workshop is particularly aimed at people who want to actively position themselves against racism and are willing to recognize and deconstruct white dominance culture.
Rafia Shahnaz is a trainer and consultant with several years of experience focusing on topics such as intersectionality, critical whiteness, anti-violence and anti-discrimination, diversity and awareness oriented organizational development. They also facilitate empowerment spaces for communities facing structural discrimination in form of racism, sexism, queerphobia and classism.

2. Workshop: Anti-ableist cultural work
Tue, 28 November 2023 4—7:30 p.m.

Online workshop
Language: English
No. of Participants: max. 15

Description: In this 3-hour workshop you will get an understanding of disability and ableism, and learn why access is a human right as well as why it is a matter of mindset in the first place. We will uncover ableist norms, expectations and stereotypes as well as the differences between integration and inclusion in order to create safe(r) and welcoming spaces for disabled people in our events, work culture and programme structure.
Agnieszka Habraschka is a production manager, consultant and dramaturg specialising in accessibility and anti-ableist cultural work/performance art and intersectional anti-discrimination. Agnieszka is neurodivergent, has invisible disabilities and has experiences of migration and poverty.
Gina Jeske works in public relations for performance and dance, as audio describer and as workshop leader for anti-ableist cultural work and accessibility in theater. Gina is white, hearing, and non-disabled. She understands her work as an ongoing learning process of how to make use of one's own privileges to reduce barriers and exclusions.

3. Workshop on Awareness by Blu Doppe
Wed, 10 January, 5—8:30 p.m.

Online workshop
Language: English
No. of Participants: max. 15

Description: Recognizing entanglements - A workshop about discriminations, intersectionality and own privileges.
In this workshop we want to deal with our own entanglements. To do so, we will address the following questions: What are the different forms of discriminations and how do I benefit from them? How are different forms of discrimination intertwined? How can I deal with my own privileges and use them to make a better life possible for all? How can I make my institution more inclusive?
Blu Doppe has been as freelance trainer for 7 years and has gained whys knowledge autodidacticly, in activist communities and at university. Blu’s own experiences also play a big role for blu’s knowledge. Blu has a degree as social justice and radical diversity trainer, a degree as theatre of the oppressed and betzavta trainer and is sex educator. Blu regularly gains further qualifications around the topics sexual, amorous and gender diversity, sexuality, gender roles and all other intersections. Blu works also for Dissens – Institut für Bildung und Forschung e.V..