Open meeting place in cooperation with in-Haus e.V.


Eating is not only something we do every day. Eating also means community, trust and joy! What food do you have on the table every day? Is there food that you particularly like to eat, or food that you find totally awful? And where do you like to eat best and with whom?

Would you like to think about this and try out your artistic skills - whether with video, photography, sculpture or other art forms? Then come along!

Where? At the water tower behind the Köln Arkaden
When? From 7.07.-4.08. every Friday from 16-19 hrs.
The studio is open to all teenagers and young adults aged 14-21.

As part of the exhibition "Cooking as Performance", we are opening an open meeting place in cooperation with In-Haus e.V.:
"Kalk schmeckt!" at the water tower, behind the Köln-Arkaden.

In Kalk there are so many different (food) stores, restaurants, kiosks, bakeries and snack bars and therefore so much different food! We have various materials and technical equipment with us - and look forward to your imagination! From photography to video portraits of store owners or customers, pictures, texts, or installations - your project can take on very different forms! The finished works will be displayed at the end of the workshop phase, the finished works will be part of the exhibition "Cooking as Performance" at Temporary Gallery.