Hirofumi Suda und Bianca Visser
16 February 2013


Artist talk as part of the exhibition "Roll Over. Reflections on Documentary, After Richard Leacock"

Hirofumi Suda will explain the process that lead to the creation of "listen to the wind", a film produced for the exposition, and his interest in Leacock's relationship with the surrounding environment. Robert J. Flaherty, who Leacock considered his mentor, told him to remain constantly alert and to film anything unusual that captured his sight. As soon as he noticed something extraordinarily beautiful, he should forget what he was doing and render this moment before it was gone. This is how Leacock learned that things that might seem trivial at first, could become meaningful in a later stadium.

Hirofumi Suda (born 1978 in Sado Island, Niigata, Japan) is artist and lives and works in Glasgow. Bianca Visser is guest curator of this show and lives in Utrecht.


Hirofumi Suda: listen to the wind, 2013
Courtesy by the artist