Alicja Rogalska
29 January - 6 February, 1—5 p.m.


Place: Rudolfplatz, Cologne (in front of the “dm” store)

The third edition of Alicja Rogalska's traveling, participatory art project Monument to The Victims of Capitalism will take place from January 29th to February 6th, 2022 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Rudolfplatz in Cologne. It invites passers-by to imagine a post-capitalist world in which a memorial to victims of the system is to be erected. The concept is based on similar existing monuments, such as those for victims of communism or fascism. During the campaign, passers-by will be asked about their ideas for such a monument. These can then be submitted in the form of drawings, descriptions or comments and published on the project's website. The aim of the project is to inspire the general public to reflect on the current economic system, possible alternatives to it and current issues such as the climate crisis.

Proposals can also be submitted online at

Monument to The Victims of Capitalism includes a growing archive of these designs. The project was already carried out in Chile in 2016 and in Warsaw in 2019. This third edition is part of the public program of Alicja Rogalska's solo exhibition at Temporary Gallery, curated by Aneta Rostkowska. The exhibition has been running since November 13, 2021 and has opened its doors until the end of April 2022. The project is also being carried out by master's students in the "Media Culture Analysis" course at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf as part of the seminar "Pretentious, flirtatious, mesmerizing". Contemporary Art and Politics”.

Alicja Rogalska, Monument To The Victims Of Capitalism, 2016
Photo: Sebastián Rojas