Marie-Luise Angerer
18 June 2015


Lecture as part of the exhibition "Sidsel Meineche Hansen. ONE-self"

Both terms are equally important. Nervous and tissue. Nervous indicates the movements, small and smaller ones, highly sensitive re the environment and the atmosphere. Tissue underpins the plasticity and flexibility of the material, its auto-plastic energy. Using both terms to paraphrase the precarious relation of subjectivity and capitalism, the lecture will circle around the theme of the exhibition: ONE-self.

Marie-Luise Angerer is Professor for Media- und Cultural Science at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. She has extensively published about the body, the construction of gender identities in communication and media, and new discourses on post-human life and future visions. Currently, she is working on new materialism, media technologies and affect, knowledge forms and aesthetic production.


Sidsel Meineche Hansen: Seroquel®, 2014
Courtesy by the artist