Marianna Christofides
27 May – 30 July 2017


"Parkfield Studies" features a selection of moving-image works taken from a considerably more extensive research and work complex of the artist. This is based on a multi-week journey made by the artist along the San Andreas Fault, reaching over 1300 kilometers from Mexico to San Francisco. Interested in the impact of processes in the Earth’s interior on life forms living on the surface, she not only followed the course of the fault from north to south, but also explored the stories from the Earth’s geological history that are inscribed on its rock layers. One of those stories is examined in the 3-channel slide projection about buildings in Los Angeles and Tokyo designed in the 1920s by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (A canary called Cassandra, 2017). In Tokyo, Wright built the luxurious Imperial Hotel, one of the few structures to have survived the Great Kanto earthquake relatively unscathed. It was nevertheless torn down some forty years later as a consequence of investment interests. Not only architects designing the earth such as Wright and Bruno Taut can be found in Christofides’s immersive pictorial world, but also numerous travel encounters whose existence are closely associated with "natural" disasters and their symptoms.

Curator: Regina Barunke


the common toad / Parkfield Studies
Published by Temporary Gallery, Cologne
Texts by Regina Barunke, Baptist Ohrtmann
German / English


7 July 2017
The Otolith Group: Medium Earth, 2013
Screening Room



Funding and Support

Förderprogramm der Sparkasse KölnBonn, betreut durch die SK Stiftung Kultur
Kulturamt der Stadt Köln
Deltax Wirtschafts- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH
Hotel Chelsea


1-2 — Marianna Christofides: A canary called Cassandra, 2017
3 — Marianna Christofides: Dragon’s Back, 2016
4 — exhibition view
5 — Marianna Christofides: Deer in the Park, 2016
Photo: Simon Vogel