Martin Brand: Rebel Rebel
10 - 25 November 2012


The 2-channel video installation "Rebel Rebel" by Martin Brand is based on documentary type footage of the Metal-and Deathcore scene of 2011 and 2012 around the musician David Beule. The artist’s ten film sequences portray situations out of the life, work and environment of the musician. Even though the camera closes in, the contemplation of the work remains distant and observing. Fascinated by the shimmer of elaborate tattoos, the full on life style and extreme musical expressions, the eye loses itself continually in details only in the next moment to regain a distance, which releases the personality lying behind the images.

Martin Brand (born 1975 in Bochum) is artist and lives and works in Cologne.

Funding and Support

Funding Programme of Sparkasse KölnBonn, served by SK Stiftung Kultur


Martin Brand: Rebel Rebel, 2012
Courtesy by the artist