Film screening and artist talk
8 October 2021


Film screening and artist talk in the context of the exhibition A Rock Formation, a Stream, a Wood, a Cloud
with Judith Röder, artist and Joanna Kobyłt, art historian and curator, MWW - Wrocław Contemporary Museum.

Language: English

The event is only open to those that are vaccinated, recovered, or tested.

Judith Röder: Okno, 2019
Experimental film, 16mm transferred to HD video, 20 min., b/w, silent

For the film "Okno", Judith Röder roams through the city of Wrocław and its surroundings, which, due to its turbulent political history, is filled with inscriptions of the most diverse cultural and political provenance. We read German writing on old gravestones and weathered house walls, see a monument from Soviet times, discover dilapidated churches abandoned long ago, all relics of past systems of order and reference. Judith Röder becomes the cinematic archivist of these legacies, which she subjects to a visual analysis and optical inventory. (Daniel Burkhardt)

Joanna Kobyłt - art historian, curator at MWW - Wrocław Contemporary Museum and freelance critic. She has written for the magazines "Obieg", "Mocak Forum" and "Recykling Ideii", among others. Kobyłt is a member of the Falanster collective and has been associated with independent culture in Wrocław for many years. She is interested in bottom-up movements and artistic and social urban activity. She lives in Wroclaw.


1 — Judith Röder: Okno, 2019 (Film still)