A Workshop by Lena Anouk Philipp
22 April 2—5 p.m.


Lena Anouk Philipp’s paintings, drawings and sculptures invite you to explore a world of hybrid beings and imaginary landscapes. Colours and shapes surprise with their dreamy, surrealistic quality. They create an uncanny world with fragile and tender beings, each telling us another story.

During the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the artist started making small paper sculptures and sent them to people she wanted to (re)connect with or stay in touch with. These sculptures consist of many parts to be assembled. In some cases, the artist wrote a small description of how to set it up or sent a video as explanation. In this way, the act of communication took a more tactile form. The fragile objects became analogous to the fragility of human connections, and the act of assembling them a metaphor for the work one puts into sustaining them. Additionally, using the increased materiality of the gift, itself a manifestation of the effort the artist undertook in creating the objects, the artist managed to invoke a stronger response. Some of the receivers sent the artist their own artworks in return, thus employing a gift economy to reinforce amiable connections. One of the paper sculptures is a larger depiction of a warrior. For the artist, the warrior became a companion, someone she could encounter every day, talk to and play with.

In the public programme of the exhibition, Lena Anouk Philipp will give two workshops in which participants will create a mobile miniature, that in the tradition of mail art, shall be sent to a person of wish.

Participants: max. 8
Please register here: info@temporarygallery.org

Materials to bring: Materials that participants have an emotional connection to: Old postcards, photos, beautiful materials they would normally throw away, such as used wrapping paper, napkin paper, their own drawings or paintings they don't like, pictures of all kinds, such as from old newspapers or magazines, cardboard. No plastic. Own ideas.

Lena Anouk Philipp: Mobile Sculptures, at Temporary Gallery, Photo: Simon Vogel