with kjubh (Cologne), Galerie b2_ (Leipzig), and station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf (Berlin)
1 September 2022, 7 p.m.

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Language: German
Duration: approx. 2 hours

An open conversation on alternative organisational structures, resource issues and power relations.
with kjubh (Cologne), Galerie b2_ (Leipzig), and station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf (Berlin).

Asking the question "Can leadership work without fixed hierarchies?", Temporary Gallery invites three art spaces to a conversation about collective organisational structure, questions of resources and power relations, with the aim of elaborating concrete courses of action, methods and challenges for collective leadership in and of art spaces. The focus will also be on the romanticisation of collectives, which will be contrasted with everyday working life between precariousness, voluntary work and pressure to perform.

Not least through Documenta 15, collectives have struck at the heart of the art world and have been touted as a turning point in recent months to years. At the same time, sharing work in most cases still means sharing financial resources, which can lead to self-exploitation in already precarious and overburdened structures. The three invited art spaces - kjubh (Cologne), Galerie b2_ (Leipzig), and Station Urbaner Kulturen, part of ngbk (Berlin) - move between politically motivated self-organisation, professionalisation and grassroots democratic ideals. These micro-institutions have been working collectively for years. We want to ask them about basic strategies and spaces for action: what role does consensus play in decision-making processes, who talks to whom and for whom? How is everyday life organised, who has which role and when? The talk will be moderated by Aneta Rostkowska and Paulina Seyfried from the Temporary Gallery.

The panel is part of the project "and only the birds fly first class...", which invites reflection on the structures of the art system and possible responses to them. The aim is to go beyond the usual critique of the mechanisms of the art system and present progressive ideas and solutions. The title of the project comes from the song "Mr. Nichols" by Coldcut and Saul Williams, which very aptly describes the emotional state of despair, disorientation and the need to turn around in order to achieve a world where "only the birds fly first class", i.e. a world without inequalities.

We would be very pleased to receive concrete questions from people who are interested. Email to: by 28.8.2022.

Doris Frohnapfel (born 1959 in Düsseldorf) studied fine arts and architecture in Cologne, Rome and Aachen (RWTH). She received scholarships including from the DAAD, Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn, Chargesheimer Scholarship of the City of Cologne and Norwegian Art Council; completed residencies in Istanbul (Turkey) and Beirut (Lebanon), among others; from 1998 to 2005 she was professor of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen, Norway. She lives and works in Cologne and is on the advisory board of the board of BBK Cologne and on the board of BBK-Land NRW, as well as on the board of AIC-Kunstinitiativen Köln e.V. Since 2008, she has been a member of the program team of kjubh Kunstverein e.V.

Jürgen Menten, (*1956 in Duisburg) trained as a wholesale and export merchant at Thyssen AG. He studied economics, political science and cultural studies in Bremen. From 1984 to 2020 he was senior lecturer at a business high school. He is a founding member of the kjubh Kunstverein e.V. and on the board since 2000.

Heide Nord (*1980) is a visual artist living in Leipzig. Since 2016 she has been a member of the artist gallery b2_, which has been located on the site of the old Leipzig Cotton Mill since 2005.

Adam Page (*1966 in Bedford, UK) is a freelance artist living in Berlin. He works in collaboration with Eva Hertzsch since 1994. Conception, production and mediation of long-term, artistic works in neighborhoods and/ or urban space since 1995. Member of the AG Kunst im Untergrund/ nGbK, 2009-2010 and 2014-2018. Co-initiator and member of the AG station urbaner kulturen/ nGbK Hellersdorf since 2014.
Works in urban space, among others: 'documenta X', Kassel, 1997, 'Info Offspring Kiosk', Dresden, 2000-2006; 'Stadtteilforum IDEE 01239', Dresden, 2006-2012; 'Fiets&Stal', Stroom, Den Haag, since 2002; 'World Watchers', nGbK Berlin, 2003; 'Okkupation', Berlin, 2006; 'RE:EDEN', re:form e.V., Eden, 2018; 'Hacking Urban Furniture', ZK/U Berlin, 2018-present; 'Am Rand', Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, 2021.
Works in schools since 2008, including: Walter-Gropius-Schule as part of 'Bildungsschock', HKW Berlin, 2020-2021; Mozart Schule and Victor-Klemperer-Kolleg as part of 'The Driving Factor', station urbaner kulturen/ nGbK Hellersdorf, 2022.

Camilo Pachon. Summer seminar “Towards Perma-cultural Institutions. Exercises in collective thinking” organized by Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, in collaboration with the CCA Temporary Gallery.