Bärbel Lange


Bärbel Lange, Snake, 2019 (curtain)


In her work Bärbel Lange is concerned with the depiction of animals – she creates creatures that protect people and places. For Temporary Gallery she made a big curtain presenting a mysterious snake. It spreads its long body throughout the black stage in the exhibition space offering safety and artistic inspiration.

Bärbel Lange, born 1964 in Bad Segeberg, is an artist and lives in Coogne. Since 2014, she works at Kunsthaus K18 and is a member of the art group X-SÜD where she deals with such themes like art, inclusion and city development. Since 2015, the medium of her choice is painter’s fleece, on which she creates works impressive in their materiality, rawness and size. In her murals, the artist tells her own creation stories, in which animals take a primary role.

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1 — Tamara Lorenz, 2019
2-7 — Temporary Gallery, 2019