Kristina Buch
Room of Mr & Mrs X
6 & 9 June 2013


Event as part of the exhibition "In the House of Mr & Mrs X"

For her life gesture "Sole Marie Sits" Kristina Buch will install a fish pool inside the gallery space. A sole will be released into the pool and will live in the Temporary Gallery for three days until the closing event. In her work Buch reinterprets the structure of a sacrificial gesture. It reflects a future of feminist awareness at the end point of patriarchal language terror.

Kristina Buch's works comprise installations, performances, interventions, video works and other gestures. Buch (born 1983 in Meerbusch) has a degree in biology and studied protestant theology before doing her M.A. at the Royal College of Art, London, and studying with Rosemarie Trockel at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dusseldorf.


1 — Kristina Buch: Sole Marie Sits, 2013
Courtesy by the artist
2-4 — Kristina Buch: Sole Marie Sits, 2013
Photo: Hartwig Schwarz