Process and Activism in the Arts
26 September 2020


Location: Im Bogen, Am Salzmagazin 7-9 50668 Cologne

If you would like to join the event, please contact

The meeting will happen in the exhibition of Cat Cologne “Process as Resistance, Resilience and Regeneration“, organized on the occasion of Cat Cologne’s 10th anniversary.
We will be sitting outside with drinks and food. Please, take warmer clothes with you as it’s getting a bit chilly in the evenings already.

Together we will discuss two chapters from the book by Oliver Marchart "Conflictual Aesthetics. Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere", Sternberg Press, 2019: "Being Agitated - Agitated Being. Art and Activism in Times of Perennial Protest“, pp. 9-50 and "The Curatorial Function. organizing the Ex-position", pp. 143-153.

The Curatorial Unknown is a series of meetings dedicated to curatorial practice initiated by Temporary Gallery. Centre for Contemporary Art in Cologne and prepared in collaboration with a group of curators and institutions from Cologne and the region. The meetings are open to everyone interested in curating.

Oliver Marchart: Conflictual Aesthetics. Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere, Sternberg Press, 2019