Berit Schuck
19 September 2014


Photo essay with sound samples

"Trading Urban Stories" included a "Networked Storytelling Space", a 12-hour Radio Happening and a sound installation for headphones. Designed as a central part of the project the Radio Happening was an attempt to initiate discussions between the inhabitants of Marrakech, international artists and students. It combined conversations and concert performances from a studio in a café in the Medina by short-cuts with shots of the alleys and in the Riads of old town. The sound installation was an opportunity to listen to two of C-Drík and Abdallah M. Hassak aka Dubosium composed for the Radio Happening pieces, surrounded by soundscapes from Alexandria and Marrakech by Julia Tieke and Berit Schuck. "Trading Urban Stories" was created as an official contribution to the "Parallel Projects Program" of the "Marrakech Biennial 5" in February 2014 in collaboration with Udo Noll (radio aporee) and Anna Raimondo (Radio Saout), Bura Arikan, Greta and Lisa Tiedje , Jallal El Allouli, Jean Feline (Riyadh Biba), Kamal Laftimi (Café des épices), Ilaria Gadenz and Carola Haupt (Radio Papesse), Yassin Adnan etc.

The producers, Berit Schuck and Julia Tieke, are working as a freelance curators and writers for art festivals and radio. They realized performances and radio projects implemented, as well as several documentary and artistic works on Arab cities, e.g. "Alexandria Streets Project" (Radio Tram, Goethe Institute Alexandria and 100Copies Music Space, Alexandria, Cairo and Berlin 2012) and "Speaking of Beirut and the City is Missing" (Beirut Art Center, Beirut 2013)


Berit Schuck and Julia Tieke: Trading Urban Stories, 2014
Courtesy by Berit Schick and Julia Tieke