Sue Tompkins

Sue Tompkins and Peter Gorschlüter
11 March 2015


Premiere of the performance "World Wah!" and talk as part of the exhibition "Cacophony of Things"

Performance and talk / "World Wah!" is the new performance by Sue Tompkins based on a collection of text fragments and collaged to an enigmatically loaded word stream with allusions to pop music, concrete poetry and banal everyday observations. Starting point of the following talk with Peter Gorschlüter is a photography by William Eggleston, the artist discovered during her studies at the Glasgow School of Art. Tompkin’s fascination with spoken and written words finds the way into numerous performances, typewritten visual pieces and painted canvases.

Sue Tompkins (born 1971, UK) is artist and lives and works in Glasgow. Until 2002, she was singer of the post-punk band "Life Without Buildings". Peter Gorschlüter curated exhibitions on art and music at Kunsthalle Dusseldorf and Tate Liverpool before he became curator and deputy director at the MMK Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt am Main in 2010.


1 — Sue Tompkins and Peter Gorschlüter: A Thing
2 — Sue Tompkins: World Wah!, 2015
Photo: Hartwig Schwarz
3 — Sue Tompkins: World Wah!, 2015
Courtesy by the artist and The Modern Institute