Fri 28 April, 6 p.m. until late

in order of appearance:
Liz Rosenfeld
Suzanna Slack
Roberto Barbosa
Angelica Falkeling & Lili Huston-Herterich
Clementine Edwards
Selina Bonelli & Thomas Reul
Andreas Bausch
Thomas Dahl
Karol Nepelski
Ja Jess
O*TA & pixiethera
Lisa James
evdokia michailidou
Haus of Audacity

DJs: hyperlovecollective, Hajnowisko
Ongoing performances by Matthias Conrady, katharinajej, Elena Weipert
Films by: Galina Dimitrova, Lucas Dülligen, Moritz Krauth, Victoria Xiang-Rui Ruhe
Healing drinks by Julius Metzger
Food by Sofia Steffens
Stickers by Nikolas Müller
Supportive presence by Danie Meyer (cologne-counseling.com)
Moderation by Anbid Zaman, Kris Dittel, Aneta Rostkowska




On Friday, the 28th of April, from 6 pm onwards, an unruly event will take place at Temporary Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Art in Cologne: a long evening and night of live performances, poetry, stories, music, dance, drinks and food.

The event will commence at 6pm with an intimate reading performance by Liz Rosenfeld. (This act has limited seating, please be on time.) Liz Rosenfeld invites listeners to lie back and get comfortable, while encountering an intimate sonic experience where Rosenfeld performs a live reading of their text, "This Should Happen Here More Often: All My (w)Holes and All My Folds of Cruising."

Through the engagement of individual headsets, listeners are invited to experience this work alone while also being together in time and space, evoking the feeling of cruising, where one navigates how one wants to be seen, observes, engages and disengages. Through a meeting of experimental, auto-fiction and poetic textual practice, Rosenfeld invites the audience to jump into the narrative of how cruising has been an integral part of their interdisciplinary artistic practice and personal life for over two decades, while also reflecting on the erotic potentialities of bodies, and how desire is the driving force across Rosenfeld's work.

We will drift into the night with readings, performances and music, carried by participants of the Unruly Kinships exhibition and selected contributions from an open call for the Festival of Feelings. The selection commitee consisted of Meryem Erkus, Anbid Zaman, Kris Dittel and Aneta Rostkowska.

On Sunday 30 April we invite everyone to a seminar and conversation with Alva Gotby, author of the book “They Call it Love. The politics of emotional reproduction” (Verso, 2023). During the event we will discuss othermothering, informal economies, queer reproduction and radical politics of friendship. More information can be found here.

Festival of Feelings is the closing event of the exhibition Unruly Kinships. More information about the exhibition can be found here.


Rory Pilgrim: The Undercurrent, film still, 2019-ongoing
Pauline Curnier Jardin & the Feelgood Cooperative: Vatican, 2023
Clementine Edwards: rice huisje, work-in-progress, 2023