Participation at artistic parade by Ines Doujak
Meeting on Thu, 19 October, 7 p.m.


The Temporary Gallery. Center for Contemporary Art in Cologne invites you to participate in several events accompanying the solo exhibition of Ines Doujak EVERY COURAGEOUS LIFE IS A SONG TO THE FUTURE. The main inspiration for the exhibition was land defenders* from all over the world - activists who fight for the protection of ecosystems and the human right to a safe and healthy environment. They are the ones who face the acceleration of land grabbing and its devastating effects: the disruption of functioning economies, monoculture agriculture, soil and biodiversity degradation, and climate change. Many of these defenders, who feel responsible for a shared future, are members of indigenous communities in the Global South who seek to protect their ancestral lands. Many of them are older and are taking the place of the younger ones "whose lives are still ahead of them."

On Saturday, Oct. 28 at 2 p.m., there will be an artistic parade in public space to express solidarity with land defenders from around the world. The parade will be colorful and vibrant, with sculptures symbolizing the stories and struggles of these courageous women*.  Accompanied by drummers, accordionists, and songs composed especially for the performance that sing the names of the land defenders, the procession will create an atmosphere of solidarity and hope. Participants will be dressed in colorful costumes and carrying flags representing the diversity and strength of this movement. The event is an act of international solidarity based on the recognition that environmental protection is inseparable from political struggles against (post)colonial domination, structural racism and misogynist practices.

All those who would like to participate more actively in this parade are invited to a preparatory meeting on Thursday, 10/19 at 7 p.m. No registration required.

We are also pleased to announce announce that the Colombian guest artist, Camilo Pachón, will be presenting 'La Montaña que camina' as part of the artistic parade. This marks the debut of a series of collective actions created for his project 'Invisible Landscapes,' featuring a special guest, Jakeline Romero Epiayú, a Wayúu woman and human rights defender. Jakeline will be our guest from October 20th to October 27th. Camilo and Jakeline, will be giving a talk at the Temporary Gallery on October 26th at 7 pm.

Jakeline Romero Epiayú is a leading activist of the organization Sütsuin Jiyeyu Wayuu - Fuerza de Mujeres Wayuu, founded in 2006 in La Guajira, Colombia. Its main objective is to bring to the forefront the violations of human rights and the rights of the Wayúu people. This includes issues such as giving visibility to the victims of the internal armed conflict, large-scale projects in the area, forced displacement, and in particular the situation of indigenous women*. The organization is supported by men* and women* and received its official recognition in 2009 for administrative reasons. In recent years, Fuerza de Mujeres Wayuu has faced various challenges, including accusations, stigmatization, death threats against members, expulsion from the territory, intimidation, and digital defamation. Despite government responses and support from friendly indigenous and human rights organizations, no effective response to these problems has been forthcoming. Today, the Wayuu Women's Force works to defend Womainkat (Mother Earth), water, and indigenous rights, especially women's rights. This is happening in an area that suffers from weak governance, interests in mining and hydrocarbon extraction, corruption, and human rights violations. On a daily basis, the members of the organization not only have to deal with risks such as threats from leaflets and social networks but also manage their daily lives and meet their needs. All the while being mindful of the fact that the defense of the territory and the existence of the Wayuu people emanate from the community and from the people themselves.

Camilo Pachón is an artist from Bogotá who has been working on community projects in different parts of Colombia for over ten years. The voices of the communities, their experiences, stories, and struggles are at the heart of Camilo's practice. He has been living in Münsterland, Germany, for a year now. His current project, "Invisible Landscapes," involves a series of artistic actions, conversations, and debates about the increasing extractive practices of coal, raw materials, wind park projects, and their impact on the territory, landscape, and cosmology of the indigenous peoples in northern Colombia. As part of his practice, Camilo has conducted extensive research on masks, costumes, and carnivals, exploring their significance as ancient tools of change. He is the founder of the digital carnival parade "CarnavalDigital" and an organizer of "La Puntica No Má", one of the most renowned carnival troupes led by artists in the Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia.

Camilo Pachón and Jakeline Romero Epiayú are open for interviews, conversations, and networking with local ecological activists*.
Contact: Christina Hanich:

Thursday, 10/19, 7pm.

Meeting for those who would like to participate in the parade.

Stay of Jakeline Romero Epiayú in Cologne.

Thursday 26.10, 7 pm
Public event with Camilo Pachón and Jakeline Romero Epiayú.

Saturday 28.10, 2 p.m.
Artistic parade in public space.