Rheim Alkadhi
Sat 23 November, 2 / 3:30 Uhr


An event in collaboration with VIDEONALE.scope #7: Ghosts in the Gardens of Progress


2 p.m.
Guided tour
Guided tour through the exhibition "Majnoon Field" with the artist Rheim Alkadhi and the curator Aneta Rostkowska.


3:30 p.m.

Rheim Alkadhi, Our Current Dwelling Is Fire, 2018, Live appearance, projected image, spoken text (in Engl.)

A pixelated performer (in regional ‘emo’ style) appears behind a dais of smoke and before an artifacted, neo-liberalized desert. Queered anarchies, choreographies across borders, and surviving poison clouds; the body convulses – this is still emancipatory practice for some of us.

Followed by a get-together with coffee & cake.

Funding and Support
Cultural Office of the City of Cologne
Arts Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia
Arab Fund for Arts and Culture
Deltax contemporary
Hotel Chelsea


1 — Rheim Alkadhi, Our Current Dwelling Is Fire, 2018